Q and A on Dog Bite Cases

Q and A on Dog Bite Cases

Posted by on Nov 9, 2017 in Dog Bite Law


I was driving down the street, when a dog who had gotten out of his back yard went running across the street.  A motorcycle rider swerved to get out of the way of the dog and ran into my car, causing me to drive into a tree.  The motorcycle rider and I were both injured and our vehicles were severely damaged.  My insurance company is going after the dog’s owner for causing the accident.  Is this right?


Yes, it very well may be the responsibility of the dog’s owner.  In this case, your insurance company would be going after the dog owner’s homeowner’s insurance policy.  Under California state law, an owner is required to maintain control of his dog at all times.  This may turn out to be a lengthy case, with insurance companies battling to deny liability.  Contact a dog bite attorney who is familiar and experienced with local dog bite laws who will be able to assess your particular situation.  


My neighbor’s dog attacked and killed another neighbor’s cat a year ago.  Now, the same dog bit my dog, and then me when I was trying to protect my dog.  My neighbor often lets the dog off of a leash.  Is this legal?


More than likely not.  Under California law, a dog who has caused injury to another animal or person within a period of 3 years may be legally classified as a “potentially dangerous dog” or a “vicious dog”.  Both terms are defined under the Dangerous Dog Statue.  State law holds the dog’s owner to be liable for any damages or injuries caused by the dog in public places, and in some cases even while on the owner’s property, if the victim is there legally.  This is a situation where a consultation with a dog bite attorney who practices and has knowledge of local dog bite laws can be very helpful.


I was bitten by a dog in a park.  The dog was off leash, but the park had a sign saying all dogs were to be on a leash.  I had severe bites and muscle damage, and had to miss 3 weeks of work.  Now I need surgery to repair some of the damaged muscle and tendons.  How do I know if I need an attorney?


This is a perfect example of when you need to consult with a dog bite attorney.  Your injuries are significant, and may even be ongoing for some time to come.  Insurance companies can deny liability, trying to put it back on to your health insurance policy to cover the medical expenses.  In actuality, the dog’s owner is the one who is liable, and should be held  to account financially.  Consult immediately with a dog bite attorney before the statute of limitations runs out, and you lose your chances of a fair and just settlement.  


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