Newport Dog Bite Victim: What You Need to Know About Your Rights

Newport Dog Bite Victim: What You Need to Know About Your Rights

Posted by on Oct 3, 2017 in Dog Bite Law

What You Must Understand About The Law Regarding Newport Dog Bites

A dog bite can be serious, scary, and entitle you to compensation. Injuries from dog bite can result in pain, distress, and emotional trauma. Some bites are serious enough to require extensive medical attention. A visit with a physician is necessary to ensure there is no infection and antibiotics and stitches may be required for deeper bites. Unfortunately, this can lead to expensive medical bills which were unexpected and unaffordable. A settlement can be reached with the dog owner’s insurance company, but this is complicated and can take a long time.


Newport dog bite laws may be of help if you were not trespassing when you were bitten. The specifics of the case including where the bite occurred, the type of dog, and the circumstances are important and will help to determine if you have a case. A bite from a Pit Bull or a Rottweiler increases your chances of winning in a lawsuit because these breeds often put people in jeopardy for a possible bite. When injuries from dog bite occur because the dog has been trained as an attack or a defense dog this can prove that the owner trained the dog to harm people.


The best course of action is to consult with a personal injury lawyer who is familiar with Newport dog bite laws and has experience with this type of case. The laws regarding dog bites vary according to the municipality and any dog owner is liable when their dog has bitten someone. It must be proven that the attack was caused because the owner of the dog violated one of the laws for animal control, was negligent, or the dog was vicious. One law requires dogs to be on a leash and if this was not the case you may have a lawsuit. If the dog has bitten someone before or the dog was not on private property at the time the bite occurred you may have a case you can win. An attorney is necessary to understand the laws and establish if you have a case.


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