How Can You Lessen the Chances of a Dog Bite Attack?

How Can You Lessen the Chances of a Dog Bite Attack?

Posted by on Oct 3, 2017 in Dog Bite Law

Vicious dogs are a danger to everyone, including their owners. Not only are humans at risk for being brutally attacked, but so are other dogs. Small children and elderly people are often fatally injured in vicious dog attacks.

 It is the owner’s responsibility to ensure that their dog is not allowed to freely roam the streets to attack innocent people. Any damages and bodily injuries caused by someone’s pet is a case for legal representation. A Newport dog bite lawyer can help get victims the compensation they deserve. Unfortunately, not all pet owners are responsible and accidents can happen. However, there are ways to protect yourself against vicious dogs that are running loose.

 When an aggressive dog is approaching, the most important thing a person has to remember is not to run. Standing completely still and avoiding direct eye contact will be less threatening to a dog who is showing aggressive behavior. Looking at a dog in the eye is perceived as a challenging or dominant behavior, especially when the dog is aggressive. Humans should never turn their backs on a vicious dog because this is a prime opportunity for the dog to make its move to attack.

 Screaming very loudly for help to draw the attention of the owners or anyone in the area is a good idea. Usually someone will hear the cry for help and come to render aid. A dog will think it is outnumbered and usually back down if more people are approaching.

 If all else fails and a dog is determined to attack, carrying a can of pepper spray can also prevent a dog from biting. Pepper spray works for dogs just as it does for human attackers. A dog will most likely try to get away from the source of the pain and give the victim time to get away to a safe distance.

 Dog attacks are a serious matter, especially when someone is injured and has acquired hefty medical bills. Hiring a Newport dog bite lawyer will help victims get compensated for their losses, as well as bring the dog’s owner to justice.

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