Don’t Take a Dog Bite Injury Lightly

Don’t Take a Dog Bite Injury Lightly

Posted by on Dec 26, 2017 in Dog Bite Law

Don’t Take a Dog Bite Injury Lightly


There are all kinds of reasons that you may have been bitten by a dog.  The circumstances can range anywhere from an encounter with a strange dog that you have never been around before, and it gets nervous and bites you – to a playful pup of a dog just taking a small bite because it is still growing teeth at a young age.


Whatever the reason a dog may have bitten you might be, you shouldn’t let the incident just pass by. Right then and there is the time to take action against what has just occurred to you.  Immediate medical treatment is the first thing to do after the incident.


Go To The Hospital


If a dog has bitten you hard enough to break the skin, you need to go to the hospital immediately and have it checked out and to have any possible stitching or bandages applied on the visit. Infection can be more serious than the initial injury.  If it happens to be a smaller bite,  leaving just a small gash or a scrape, run cold water over the affected area, use an antibacterial on the wound and be sure to bandage up the spot. A dog bite injury can be wide ranging, depending on the dog and how they happened to bite you.


Make Sure To Let The Authorities Know What Happened


If you get bitten by a dog the next thing you need to do after getting medical attention is to alert the authorities and tell them what has happened to you.  Be sure to document any hospital visits or medical treatment that you received.  Provide photos of the injury site that you may have taken. You can’t just sit idly by after an incident like this has taken place because that same dog could then go after someone else if the problem isn’t taken care of immediately.


If The Case Is Strong Enough Call An Attorney


If you feel that the dog bite injury has been bad enough to seek medical attention and you had to get stitches, then you should make your next call after the authorities to an attorney and discuss your case with them to see what can be done about it all. You don’t want to be stuck with any kind of bills due to no fault of your own. If you have been bitten by a dog, you need a personal injury attorney who has experience with local dog bite laws working on your behalf.


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