Dog Attack Injuries: What You Need to Know

Dog Attack Injuries: What You Need to Know

Posted by on Dec 26, 2017 in Dog Bite Law

Dog attacks are a serious thing, not to be taken lightly.  An attack may consist of actual dog bites, knockdowns by large dogs, and other dog related injuries. Dog attacks can be significant and lead to the loss of life, permanent disability, and may require major medical treatments. Victims of dog attacks should receive compensation for the injuries that they receive from the owners of the responsible dog. Sometimes getting compensation from a dog owner can be challenging, but that is where a great attorney who specializes on dog injuries can come into play.


Who is Responsible for a Dog Injury?


A dog owner is responsible for injuries caused by their dog. Certain breeds of dog, like pit bulls and Rottweilers, are responsible for the vast majority of dog attacks and deaths. Pit bulls are responsible for almost seventy percent of dog attacks. Owners who have these breeds have a responsibility to make sure that they are properly trained and restrained to prevent these dog breeds from injuring others. Improperly trained dogs are the cause of most dog attack injuries and improperly restrained dogs are often responsible for the remainder. The fault lays on the dog owner, but the dog is typically the only one punished after a dog attack, when they are put to sleep.


Why does the Injured Person Deserve Compensation?


A victim of a dog bite may experience significant injuries that result in a lot of medical costs. Dog attack injuries can leave a person emotionally and psychologically scarred as well and the victims often spend their life time recovering from a dog bite. Injured people deserve compensation for the injuries they receive as a result of a dog attack, just as they would for any other injury.


How a Personal Injury Attorney Can Help


It can be challenging to get proper compensation for a dog attack Injury. A personal injury attorney can help as they can establish causation of the injury, the extent of the injury and the injuries you received, and the compensation that you should receive. Further, a personal injury attorney will understand the process of making a claim and negotiating a settlement that is likely larger than you would receive if you filed a claim for a dog attack injury you received from a responsible party.


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